Quite simply put Geography is the study of the world around us. Students who study geography tend to be more open minded and show a clear interest in the world. At Kidwai it is a popular choice for students at the +2 level.

For practical, students are taken on outdoor excursions or fieldwork to the villages near Prayagraj. Fieldwork is an excellent tool that allows one to gain practical real world experiences and develop new skills. We take our students to a village named ‘Malawa’ about 200 kms from our city to perform a survey of its soil, landforms, crops and climate conditions.


We also take our students to a waterpark “Nandan Kanan” near Jhunsi. This excursion is one of the most popular, eagerly awaited and enjoyable trips for geography students.

For many, who come from economically backward section of the society, this trip is a wonderful and extremely rare opportunity to go out and experience the world.

It instills a sense of adventure along with education.