The work of girls Guide started in Kidwai Memorial Girls’ Inter College from 1st February 1983. Its registration certificate number is 402. Initially, Guide Diksha was given to the students of class VI to VIII, which is called junior group, later senior group was also formed by including students up to class 12.

First of all guide camp used to be organised once a year in the college under the chairmanship of Mrs. Mazhar Aliya and Mrs. Meena Banerjee in which students used to stay in the college day and night by making tents and practiced living a disciplined life in the camp.
In later years the college students started participating in the Guide exam called Sopan. These exams are up to the state award. Every year the college participates in the competitions at the district and Mandal Level and also wins  awards.


Every year from the year 2009, students participate in the second and third Sopan training camp.

Every year since the year 2011, college students participate in the Rajya Puruskar checking camp and are selected for the award.

After receiving the division, district and mandal level awards in the year 2017-18, the team of senior category was selected for the state level competition.

Every year one team senior and one team junior category is formed under the chairmanship of Guide captain Mrs. Sayyada Shaheen Bano, Mrs. Kiran Pathak, Mrs Najma Umar, Mrs. Ghazal Rizvi, Mrs Bindu Dubey in which 16 guides have participated. 

All the activities are carried out under the guidance of the principal of the college.

5 Days Guide Training Camp in GGIC Katra Prayagraj