Urdu for All

“Waise to sab zabane apni jagah hain khoob

Sheerein jisey kahen to wo Urdu zaban hai.”


There are many important languages in our country India but Urdu language has got a special place. Urdu language has played a major role in bringing different languages of India closer to each other. The number of learners of Urdu language and literature is increasing day by day and to fulfil this aim to make Urdu more and more approved. National Council for promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) has started one year diploma course under Urdu for All programme.

The purpose of Urdu for All programme was to introduce Urdu language to those people who study Urdu Adab through other languages, for this purpose, a campaign has been launched in our college to teach Urdu to children of every religion. All the children want to learn Urdu with great passion.

To fulfil the objectives of Urdu education and its progress in our college is the result of the great efforts of Padma Shri Janab Shamsur Rahman Faruqi Sahab. He has always encouraged the children. Every year, prizes are given to the children, so that the enthusiasm of learning Urdu remain in the children.

Special care is taken in ‘Urdu for All’ programme that the language is easy to understand as well as interesting and of high quality so that the students can learn Urdu Language slowly and slowly. Urdu education is given to everyone from class 1st onward.

It is also the endeavour of our honourable manager Dr. Baran Farooqi that the campaign to learn and teach Urdu should continue and children should be benefitted from Urdu education.